Sermon by Phone

Trying to stay connected to folks who don't have easy access to the Internet, or who just don't want to deal with all the Zooms and YouTubes and Facebook Lives?

We'll help you give them a local phone number to dial to hear the week's sermon or devotional – no meeting IDs, no passcodes, no Internet needed!

Call 1-757-970-9999 to hear a quick demo

How it Works

Step 1
Upload the audio file of your sermon (or your entire service, the weekly devotional, etc). If you don't have a file already, you could use our on-page recorder to record audio right from your phone. Or, you can use our included tool to extract the audio from a Facebook or YouTube video.
Step 2
Within 6 hours, we'll purchase a local phone number, install your audio, and email you all the details. You keep the same phone number week after week for as long as you are subscribed.
Step 3
That's it! Call that phone number and you'll hear the sermon instantly – no extra meeting IDs or passcodes to type in. And next week, you'll only have to do Step 1!

Sound Interesting?

We're a trusted service of churches all across America and Canada
Put yourself on the map! Toll-free number plans are available as well.
Listen to a demo sermon
Call 1-757-970-9999 to hear a live example.
Upload new audio anytime
Uploading a new sermon is easy from your secure dashboard. Just do it once a week, or upload a daily or weekly prayer time or devotional – whatever works for you.
Know who you're reaching
Your dashboard provides you with exactly what callers are using your sermon phone line, including when they called in and how long each call lasted. If you have a church phone directory on hand, you can simply click a number to permanently assign it a name, making it easy to tell who is who at a glance:
Pricing is $10/month
You get a dedicated phone number, then each month you get a bucket of 500 free incoming caller minutes and an emailed receipt. In our experience, those 500 minutes are enough for the large majority of churches. If you'd like to allow more minutes, just set the "Maximum monthly bill amount" field below to what you are comfortable with – extra minutes are billed at just $0.006/min (6/10 of a cent). You will only ever pay for what you use. (Canadian numbers are USD $0.009/minute after 500 minutes.) Read more details in the FAQ.
Get started with no risk
No setup or "provisioning" fee whatsoever. You pay month-to-month, there is no contract – cancel anytime.
But who are you again?
We're a small outfit that got our start when we needed a service like this for our own church. We were featured in a news article – read for the full backstory!
Ready in no time
Complete the form below and we'll have your dial-a-sermon phone number ready today!

Create an Account

Valid first name is required.
Valid last name is required.
Please enter a valid email address.
Please enter a church/organization name.
Please enter a valid area code (and extension if necessary). If multiple extensions are valid, please just choose one and enter it like 567-890 (for area code 567 extension 890).
Please enter a valid maximum monthly bill amount in dollars, minimum 10, up to 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can call the number at once?
50+ people can dial in at once and they will all have the exact same experience. In other words, the phone line will not be "busy" if someone is already calling it.
Is there any length limit on the uploaded audio?
No, the uploaded audio can be of any length. We have phone lines being used for 3 minute prayers or for hour+ services. Of course, this will likely influence how many caller minutes are used.
Are minutes used by the uploaded audio, or by callers?
Uploaded audio of any length is free. Minutes are only used when callers call in to hear that audio; usage is calculated down to the second (no rounding up to the minute).
How is my minute usage calculated? What will my minute cost be if I go over 500 minutes?
Usage will depend on your callers and the length of your sermon audio. Examples:
— If your sermon averages 15 minutes and on average 7 people call every week, that would be 15×7×4=420 minutes, which falls under the 500 free minutes per month.
— If you upload 45 minute services each week and have 10 callers a week, that would be 45×10×4=1800 minutes. Any minutes over 500 are billed at $0.006, so the monthly minute cost would be 1300×0.006=$7.80.
— If you upload twice-weekly 5 minute devotionals and have 20 callers per devotional, that would be 2×5×20×4=800 minutes. So the monthly minute cost would be 300×0.006=$1.80.
Does the sermon stay available throughout the week until the next upload?
Yes, the uploaded audio stays accessible 24/7 until your next upload; this is especially nice for people who might not find it convenient or easy to remember to call on a Sunday morning.
I livestream to Facebook from my phone. Or, I am not recording anything currently. What other options are there for providing audio?
We provide a tool to automatically extract the audio of livestreamed Facebook videos in just a few clicks (see video tutorial). If you are not currently recording anything, we recommend our on-page audio recorder (see video tutorial) – all you need is a phone, and you can record, preview, and upload audio right from your account dashboard in minutes. Just create a free account to try these features out!
Can I get a second phone line for devotionals, a daily prayer, announcements, etc?
Yes, it's as simple as can be; all the same audio, billing, and minute logic applies, and you can manage both easily from your dashboard. Just sign up and checkout, then when you're ready, let us know you'd like a second line via email, and we will purchase and add it to your account.